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Infiltrate the compound, stalk your prey, and dispatch them as quickly and quietly as possible. Run for Covert is a multiplayer coop, procedurally generated, tactical first-person shooter inspired by early 2000s thinking-person shooters, Rainbow 6 and SWAT.

The game features HFSM-based enemy AI that utilise an intelligent cover system and fully procedurally generated levels and terrain. The game is also built to support multiplayer online and LAN for cooperative play.

Developed in the Unreal Engine 4, the game may contain assets from the Unreal Engine Starter Kit and is not a commercial product.

For online play, version 1.0 requires LAN, and will function correctly through the inbuilt lobby system. We have tested and can recommend Hamachi as an online, virtual LAN solution, however it requires a number of extra steps: 

  1. The host must first start a new lobby in-game while connected to a Hamachi server. 
  2. Following this, the coop partner should connect to the same Hamachi server and obtain the host's IPv4 address. 
  3. The coop partner should then to open up the dev console in-game with the backtick key (`) and type in "join <host IPv4 address>".


Run for Covert for Windows (v1.0) 211 MB
Run for Covert for macOS (v1.0) 223 MB

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